Can Dogs Eat Ice CubesDangers of Feeding Dogs Ice


In regards to ice cubes, it’s a “Yes” when it comes to if dogs can eat them or not. Generally. Since you can eat ice cubes, then your dog probably can too. It’s not uncommon to have a household or family give their dogs an ice cube to play with instead of a chicken bone, which could get stuck into your dog’s throat and kill him. Ice melts, so no intestinal blockage can occur. It doesn’t contain caffeine (unless it’s frozen chocolate or coffee popsicles, in which case, don’t feed them to your canine). So can dogs eat ice cubes? The actual answer is, “Yes, but…” More to the point, the “but” portion pertains to giving dogs icicles. Icicles that can get lodged into their throat and choke them before the ice melts. There are certain precautions you should observe when feeding dogs ice water as well.


  • On one hand, ice is safer than a bone, which doesn’t melt no matter how hard your dog gnaws it. On the other hand, there are tooth concerns (especially for puppies with sensitive teeth) and choking concerns (if an ice cube, or icicle gets lodged into your dog’s throat, he may kick the bucket before you know it). Choking is certainly the biggest concern you should have.
  • Your canine, especially your puppy that loves to gnaw and “teeth” can break their tooth on a piece of hard ice that doesn’t melt immediately. Give them ice in moderation or don’t get their hopes up in getting a simulated bone and don’t give them ice at all, especially if you don’t want your Shih Tzu or poodle to suddenly have cracked, loosened, or broken tooth.
  • Too much ice on the water dish of your dog can lead to choking because instead of gnawing a cube one at a time, your dog might altogether slurp the whole thing, with multiple cubes entering his throat. This is especially hazardous to breeds with respiratory problems from the get go (like the ever-adorable, huge-eyed pug). Ice melts, so a big hunk of ice can turn into a choking hazard in a few minutes.