Can Dogs Eat Imitation Crab Meat Sticks?Can I Feed My Dog Imitation Crab Meat?


Yes, people have actually asked about this. Perhaps someone was enjoying a “cheap” meal of imitation crab meat sticks, when all of a sudden, after he left to get some water, Fido decided to leap onto his chair and chow down. Instead of phoning the vet, he searched for answers on the Internet, just like you did. Instead of real crab meat sticks, can dogs eat imitation crab meat sticks? Is that safe at all? They can eat it, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they should eat it. Imitation crab meat sticks are delicious, even though they’re not real crab meat (which is expensive). If you’re wondering if you can share the taste of the (fake) ocean to Fido, then hold back, because they might have seafood allergies.

They Can But They Shouldn’t

  • Like with peanuts, certain mammals have allergies with seafood. If not, a bite or two of the sticks shouldn’t be too detrimental for them… if they’re real. Also, it brings into question: What are these imitation crab meat sticks made of anyway? It’s white fish paste of the surimi shaped like crabs meat, by the way (so seafood allergies can come about when eating them).
  • Real crab meat is okay for a dog to eat from time to time. The problem with feeding your dog surimi masquerading as crab meat sticks is that it’s filled with additives and food colorings, which can cause an allergic reaction for your dog (whether he’s a mutt or purebred). Dogs can eat imitation crab meant, but there’s risk of them looking like they’ve been hammered with a pipe.
  • Swelling of the eyes, redness of the skin and so forth can happen either because the dog has an allergic reaction to the surimi (seafood allergy) or to the artificial additives (artificial additive allergy). There’s also danger if the surimi is filled with salt. Dogs should never eat anything with an excessive amount of salt.