Can Dogs Eat Jicama?  Can Dogs Eat Jicama?


There are so many families in the United States of America who currently own a dog. No matter what the breed of the dog is, it is known that most Americans love dogs. There are times when unfortunate events that occur. Sometimes dogs these days get sick for unknown reasons. You should know that dogs cannot eat a particular type of food because they might get poisoned or they might be allergic to the food.

Eating Jicama

Who doesn’t love Jicama? It seems like everyone loves this particular food. Can dogs enjoy Jicama as well? The answer to your question is that dogs can eat jicama, no matter what the breed is. Even if the Jicama is uncooked or fresh, your dog can eat it. But you should know that the only edible part of the Jicama is the root. You should not include the seeds as well as the other above ground parts since it is perceived that these parts of the plant are poisonous. Your dog can still enjoy a meal of Jicama but you just have to remove the other poisonous parts.

This sweet Mexican delicacy can really be added to your dog’s meal since it contains low amounts of fat and calories. It is also rich in fiber which is good for the health of the stomach of your dog. It has essential nutrients that every dogs need. Just be careful because you might include a seed as well as other parts of the jicama in your dog’s meal. Be extremely vigilant and keep in mind that only the root is the edible part for dogs. Love your dogs by giving them the best possible meal.