OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIs Ketchup Safe for My dog?


Many people like to eat ketchup every day because of how popular and sweet the taste is that is made from tomatoes. Since people enjoy this food so much, many like to give this treat to their dogs as well. This is perhaps the biggest reason that dogs end up eating ketchup. Can dogs eat ketchup though? The answer is… No way! It is considered to be a toxin for dogs.

Ketchup and Tomato Products Are Toxic For Dogs!

If your dog consumes ketchup or any type of tomato, it is possible they could get hemolytic anemia.

If you suspect your dog of having hemolytic anemia, make sure to look for any fever, weakness, collapsing and even vomiting.

To conclude, do not feed ketchup or any type of tomato product to your dog. If they do not get sick the first time, you now know that it is a very dangerous practice to give your pet those french fries that had ketchup on them. You love your pet, the risk is not worth it at all. There are so many other treats that you can give your dog and not have to worry about their health!