Can Dogs Eat Kiwi?kiwi


Kiwi is my favorite fruit ever and if you are like me, you probably have thought if you can feed it to your dog. Can dogs eat kiwifruit?

Yes, yes they can! Kiwi is an awesome source of different vitamins such as K and C as well as E. These fruits would make a great treat for your dog that is also extremely healthy!

Like all fruits, do not feed your dog too many kiwifruits at one time

Dogs can eat kiwifruit but if you feed them too many at one time this will be upsetting to their stomachs and in many cases can cause diarrhea.

I would personally not recommend giving your dog more than 1 kiwi a day and should start out feeding them only a few slices at a time.

Make sure to cut up the kiwifruit for your dog

You should never feed an entire kiwifruit to your dog because this can get lodged in their throat and end up choking them. To conclude, dogs can eat kiwifruit but do not feed them many at one time and make sure to cut them up in slices they can eat.