Can I Give Lamb Bones To My Dog?Can Dogs eat Lamb Bones?


It is quite common to provide your dog with bones. In the United States of America, you can find many different variations of bones on the market for your pet. In various parts of the world such as the South East Asian countries, you can find people who let their dog eat bones. Have you ever considered letting your dog eat a lamb bone? Well if you do, then you should ask this question first: can dogs eat lamb bones? The answer to this particular question is yes. As you can see, dogs can actually eat as well as digest raw lamb bones. But only the raw ones are good for any type of dog in the world.

Eating the Raw Ones

You should know that the raw ones are the only edible bones for your dogs. You should not let your dog eat the cooked lamb bones. Cooked lamb bones are going to splinter or fragment when cooked, causing some parts of the bones to have sharp shards. These parts of the cooked bones can damage the your dog’s digestive system. You should never let your dog eat cooked lamb bones. Based on some statistical data, the number one cause of a dog death is feeding them cooked bones.

Other Things That You Should Think About

Not all of dogs grow up chewing on things. There are dogs out there who love swallowing food whole. If your dog doesn’t want to chew the bone but instead swallow it all, you should not let your dog have access to a bone. Large chunks of bones in your dog’s stomach can cause your dog to die. There are other alternative for lamb bones. You can try dog food that can be purchased on the market.