Can Dogs Eat Marshmallows?Is It Safe For My Dog To Eat Marshmallows?



A marshmallow is entirely made out of gelatin and sugar. It is a spongy candy that has no nutritional value. It tastes good but it won’t bring much benefit. Here comes the point where a pet owner wants to give his dog a little treat. But, can dogs eat marshmallows? The answer is yes. A small amount of marshmallows can be eaten. An owner needs to be very cautious on feeding the pet this kind of food because it does not have a lot of positive effects and a large amount of intake can cause diabetes.

Small amounts can be given but it is not necessary for one to feed their dog this spongy candy because it is high in sugar. It isn’t suitable for dogs that are obese and have diabetes. This candy, however, has a use. If one is having a hard time giving the pet pills, he can hide it inside the marshmallow. The pet won’t even know the pill was there. The dog will surely eat the food thinking it was only a marshmallow.

Identifying the Correct Foods to Feed

The digestive system of a canine is different from humans. The dogs’ are a lot more sensitive. There are foods that can be eaten by people but can harm dogs. Just like humans, unhealthy foods can bring diseases so one must be careful on choosing what to feed the pet. One must observe the proper kinds of food with high nutritional value. When choosing dog foods, one must ensure that it has all the needed nutrients and vitamins. Not all the commercial dog food is good for the pet. One should be very keen on checking the health facts of each food bought for the pet. One should never compromise the quality of the food bought for its price.