Can I Feed my Dog Oreos?Can Dogs Eat Oreos?


It is Friday night and you are just settling into bed with fresh delivered pizza, a big bowl of popcorn, candy bars, milk, and some Oreos. Netflix is tonight’s main entertainment for you and your dog. You start munching as your movie takes you from frame to frame of action and tear-jerking moments and some romantic stuff. Before you know it, you pet is also munching along with you and guess what he attacked, Oreos! He is even gulping milk as well, but wait, can dogs eat Oreos?

Take a Pause to Consider Safety

Now is it not the sweetest thing, your best friend enjoying your favorite childhood snack? It is such a sight to behold that you even take your eyes off the screen to focus your attention on your dog. That’s a good thing, focus. Because dogs are not to be fed Oreos.

Chocolate being toxic to dogs is common knowledge. Is there chocolate in Oreos? Yes, it is listed under the ingredients but that is not the reason why feeding Oreos to your pet is not recommended. The chocolate in those cookies are minimal and most of it is just artificial flavoring. Processed sugar and oil are not the natural stuff your dog finds in the wilderness, the stuff their stomach is accustomed to and these might upset their stomach.

Call Your Vet First Before Anything Else 

Depending on the amount your dog ingested is the effect on the gastronomical system of your pet. However, the best thing to do if in doubt is call your veterinarian. Also, the best remedy is to prevent the same thing from happening again. There are other, and healthier treats, your dogs can enjoy. Bananas, for example, which are a high source of potassium, oranges, pears, pumpkin, spinach, sweet potatoes and cucumber among others.