Can Dogs Eat Pancakes?Can Dogs Eat Pancakes?


As a breakfast food, pancakes are an option that are most associated with the idea or concept of breakfast, whether it’s by tradition or popular culture. Even cultures who don’t have pancakes for breakfast know of pancakes (though it certainly helps that pancakes are also served in many McDonalds restaurants that are found all over the world). The question is, of course, can dogs eat pancakes? Is it okay for your begging dog to be fed these carb-rich meal full of vitamins and minerals? Is it okay for them to consume maple syrup, at that? The pancake is good for humans, but is it good for dogs?

Dogs Should Eat Pancakes Moderately

Your dogs can eat pancakes. However, they should only moderately eat these pancakes because as mentioned above, they contain a huge amount of carbs and fat (and carbs do become fat themselves). Having your dog eat too many pancakes (or too much of anything, really) can lead them to become overweight, or at least suffer from a serious bout of indigestion.

As for maple syrup, honey, whipped cream, or butter on your pancakes, it’s recommended that you leave them out from your dog’s portion of the food, because sweets are never good for dogs, plus butter is a dairy product, which doesn’t bode well for any lactose-intolerant canines out there. A pancake or two without syrup will suffice. One or two bites off your no-syrup, no-cream pancake is also acceptable.

While you’re at it, since you’re having breakfast and pancakes usually come with bananas and blueberries, you should definitely feed either of those to your dog in moderation as well. Blueberries, unlike raisins and grapes, are good for your dog, and so are bananas. They’re more “fructose” than “sucrose”, so if you want to give your pooch a sweet treat, fruits are definitely the smarter choice than a pancake covered in maple syrup.