Pears in a Dog’s DietCan Dogs Eat Pears?


Not all people know that pears naturally contain high levels of vitamin C. As such, pears make a very good source of minerals and antioxidants. Pears are also high in fiber which can help facilitate better gastrointestinal flow. The antioxidant contents of pears fight free radicals in the body which can cause cancer and tumors to form inside of you as well as your dog. In addition, the mineral contents of pears adequately meet the mineral requirements of some dogs. The fruit is also rich in moisture which can sustain the dog’s needs for moisture for proper organ function. High fiber content makes sure that bad cholesterols are lowered for a healthier dog.

While many people do not consider fruits in their pet dog’s diet, it pays to add some zest to your dog’s diet. Pears, aside from bananas and apples, are actually good for dogs. Instead of fatty commercialized snacks, pears can be used as a very good substitute. Lightly sweet pears are beneficial because dogs love to eat them without you worrying about the sugar content of the fruit. Pears can also be mashed and mixed into your dog’s food to increase its fiber content helping your dog poop better.

Feeding Your Dog The Right Way

Dogs mainly get their nutritional needs from meat and natural dog foods. However pears and fruits can be a healthy addition to your dog’s food. Though, for your dog to get the nutrients without getting an upset stomach, you should moderate the quantity that your dog is receiving. This is to make sure that your dogs will not vomit from too much fruity fiber in their stomach as dogs are mainly carnivorous in nature.