Can Dogs Eat Pecans?Can Dogs Eat Pecans?


Are you a dog lover? Well if you are, then you should do everything you can just to keep your dog safe. You should know that food poisoning and upset stomach are the most common problems for dogs. Do you know what types of food are good for dogs? If you don’t, then you should read this article. As you can see, foods such as nuts are dangerous to any breed of dogs. They can cause acute stomach pains as well as poisoning. You should not let your dog eat nuts.

Eating Pecans

Is pecan a nut? Yes it is a nut. So, the answer to the question “can dogs eat pecans?” is no. you should know that pecans actually contains a poison or toxin called juglone. In horses, it can cause laminitis. If you are going to let your dog eat pecans, your dog can experience gastric intestinal distress or even an obstruction of the stomach. Other types of pecans can cause more severe damage to particular breeds. For instance, the moldy pecans can cause seizures as well as other neurological symptoms since moldy pecans contain harmful chemical called tremorgenic mycotoxins.

In general, you should not let your dog eat any type of nuts since nuts are dangerous to their health. If you love your dog so much, you should try other dog food on the market that contain essential nutrients for your dog’s growth and development. There are so many types of foods for dogs. You’ve just got to put forth extra effort in finding the best type of food for your dog so that your dog will grow bigger and stronger. Just always keep in mind to stay away from nuts, just eat them, and don’t let your dog eat them.