Can I Give My Dog Persimmons?

Can dogs eat persimmons

No. That’s the short answer. It’s one of the most dangerous things you can feed to your dog short of pure cocoa or caffeine (unlike humans, it’s easier for dogs to experience life threatening caffeine poisoning.) Some owners might claim that the persimmon itself isn’t a problem as long as you take out the seed. However, veterinarians would advise owners asking “can dogs safely eat a whole persimmon?” to err on the side of caution never even try feeding persimmons to your dogs outright because the seeds can become easily accessible to them. Persimmon seeds are particularly dangerous to small dogs (toy dogs like Chihuahuas and Shih Tzus) so as often as possible, keep those persimmons to yourself.

Dog Owners Disagree Online 

  • Some dog owners claim that as long as you don’t feed your canine friend persimmon seeds that can cause intestinal blockage they’ll be fine. However, there are also dog owners who claim they feed milk chocolate to their dogs without any adverse effects.
  • It’s like someone who tightrope walks claiming that they didn’t die when they did it, which means it’s safe. No, you’re suffering from success bias. While dogs can survive eating persimmon and milk chocolate consumption, there’s still ever-present risk involved there. Never underestimate the danger or you might become too complacent.
  • If you don’t want your dog to have intestinal obstruction or small intestine inflammation and failure, don’t feed them persimmon seeds. Also, vets advise that you don’t risk feeding them persimmon with seeds removed simply because human error might have you end up feeding them seeds accidentally anyway. Feed them bananas, apples (with seeds removed), and watermelon (with seeds removed) instead.