PistachiosCan Dogs Eat Pistachios?


Pistachios are one of my favorite foods because they are salty and delicious. You would probably agree that they taste awesome but they also have great health benefits for humans. However dogs might be a different story which would lead you to ask, can dogs eat pistachios?

I feel sorry for our furry dog friends, but dogs cannot and should not eat pistachios. They are very toxic if a dog eats them!

Why Are They Toxic?

Pistachios have a ton of phosphorus in them and this is not good for dogs. If your dog eats these types of foods, they can get very bad bladder stones!

Also you should know that these nuts have a ton of fat in them that dogs just should not be eating. If a dog eats foods that have high fat content, they could develop a condition called canine pancreatitis which is very painful for your pet.

Finally, pistachios have something in them called aflatoxin which is poisonous. You can still eat these delicious treats because it is not dangerous for us humans but dogs will react much more towards this toxin. If your dog eats aflatoxin, getting gastroenteritis is very common so be careful!

Be careful when you are eating these nuts around your dog because you do not want them to get a hold of any. They are toxic and can harm your friend! You can always decide to share other treats with them such as apples or bananas which are great for your puppy or dog.