Can Dogs Eat Pizza?Can Dogs Eat Pizza?


People love pizza. There is no denying this. If not all people, then most at the very least. For those who are wondering “can dogs eat pizza”, they just found the right article. Sometimes, dog owners feel the urge to share this food to their pet. This is not surprising with pizza because it is a favorite. Despite this, though, owners have an obligation to make sure that the health of your dog is not put in jeopardy.

Should They Be Given Pizza?

The obvious answer is no. Many reminders put emphasis on not giving people food to dogs. The reason for this is attributed to the fact that dogs comes with very different internal systems from humans. The premise still exists though that there might be people foods out there considered to be advantageous to canines. Despite this little exemption, dog owners should not forget that there are food varieties that could be toxic for dogs. They should be avoided just to be safe. Many people would not believe this, but the reality is that pizza is considered to be one of the most harmful foods that dogs could eat. It is synonymous to feeding your pet with a little amount of poison. Why is this? Mostly because of the ingredients used like garlic, cheese, mushrooms, onions and even tomatoes. There is also a high amount of oil found on pizza. Salt and spices are never a good combination as well. So, do not include pizza in their diet.