Can Dogs Eat Pork?


Can Dogs Eat Pork?

If you are sitting there wondering if dogs can eat pork, then the answer is yes! Dogs can eat pork but make sure that it is not raw and you cook it for your dog first.

Some people may tell you that feeding your dog pork is bad for it, but if you look at dog food that is sold in stores, you can see that a lot of it contains pork which supports the evidence that dogs can eat pork.

Eating raw pork can be dangerous for your dog. This is because it can contain something called trichinella muscle larvae. Eating pork raw can also give your dog trichinellosis. This is a parasite which is very harmful to your pet. Just make sure to cook the pork over a high heat for a good amount of time to kill off this parasite and the meat should be good to eat. If the pork is cooked, it is safe for dogs.

How much pork can my dog eat?

This question really depends on the digestive function of your particular pet. Some dogs have weak stomachs and weak digestion which means they can not each much pork. Some dogs though have a very strong digestive system and can eat much more than others. If you are like me and like to feed your dog the left overs from your dinner, just remove the outside of the pork because this can have seasonings that are not good for your dog to eat. They may even be allergic to some of the seasonings which is another good reason to remove the outer layer.

Can dogs eat pork bones?

This is another question that I often get. Can dogs eat pork bones? I would suggest that your dog not eat pork bones because this can be dangerous to the health of your pet. If you were to break up the bones, they could become very sharp and could cause issues with your dog’s stomach or mouth. This could lead to death so it would be best to avoid feeding your dog pork bones all together.

Some people have said that they feed their dog pork bones without having any issues but many vets I have spoken to say to avoid this. Do not feed your dog pork bones, but dogs can eat pork that is cooked.