QuinoaSo, Can Dogs Eat Quinoa?


I recently had a friend ask me, can dogs eat quinoa? You yourself may be wondering the same question if you have a dog and also enjoy the tasty food, quinoa. This crop is basically a grain that has excellent value of nutrition. It is packed full of protein and is often referred to as a super food. It is excellent for humans, but is it a safe meal for a dog?

Well, it turns out that this is also a good food for dogs, and they can eat it! The nutritional value that quinoa provides is actually an ingredient that is found in a lot of dog foods on the market, as well as treats. Quinoa has a lot of fiber in it which is hard for dogs to digest so make sure you do not give your dog too much of this grain or they could have some problems.

Do Not Feed Dogs Quinoa That Is Uncooked

Moderation is key when using cooked quinoa but you should probably avoid giving them any that is not cooked. This can cause different problems in their digestive track and cause vomiting or diarrhea.

So can dogs eat quinoa? Absolutely! Just ensure that it is cooked and that you keep the amount to a minimum and feed it to your dog every once in a while.