can dogs eat raw meatsOpinions on Can Dogs Eat Raw Meat


The conclusion on can dogs eat raw meat is actually fairly inconclusive, even for experts. The positives and negatives should be weighed before deciding on a raw meat diet, along with monitoring the health of your pet. In this article, I will cover different opinions of this debated question and how to approach the diet, if you decide on pursuing that route.

These opinions are based directly on the type of raw meat that would be fed to the animal. For example, fish contains certain bacteria that beef does not, presenting various health problems.

The downside is that this food can contain parasites and bacteria, especially fish, similar to the reasons humans cannot eat raw food. Cooking or freezing the meat kills the bad components to prevent common health issues associated with them.

However, the advantage is that raw meat contains vitamins and enzymes that are removed during the cooking process. That can improve overall health, provide more energy, and improve bowl movements.

Good Pet Practices For This Diet

If you decide on feeding raw meat to your pet, consider following some of the suggestions below to ensure good health of the pets.

  1. Freeze before serving

As previously stated, cooking or freezing removes the nasty parasites and bacteria that pose risks. Freezing is good because it helps eliminate those bad aspects while leaving most of the benefits.

  1. Deworm

Utilizing deworming medication is certainly good practice when owning pets, even if they do not consume raw food. This removes some of the risks of meals that are not cooked because it kills the parasitic worms that attempt to feed off the dog.

  1. Monitoring health

Watch the behavior and habits of your pet to ensure nothing unhealthy is occurring from this diet. It is important to know certain signs and symptoms that may occur.

If any problems present themselves, seek veterinary care immediately. The more extensive the problems become, the more expensive and difficult they are to treat, and the more risk involved for the dog. Ensure that the veterinarian knows that the animal has been on an uncooked food diet.

  1. Clean the bowl

Bacteria are in the raw meat and get transferred to the bowl while the dog is eating. Then the bacteria will reproduce, grow, and buildup. That possesses even more threat if this is not properly taken care of. It is essential to thoroughly clean the food bowl after every meal.

In conclusion, the decision on can dogs eat raw meat is inconclusive. There are certain health advantages and disadvantages that are associated. Additionally, there are more chores that are necessary for this type of diet. If you feel that you are capable of monitoring the health and properly caring for your pet, this diet may be beneficial to attempt. However, the benefits may not outweigh the risks enough. Additionally, vegetables and carbohydrates will also have to be supplemented to ensure well balanced nutrition.