Rosemary and Dogs


Can Dogs Eat Rosemary?

Dogs are, and will always be, man’s best friend. We treat them exactly as they are: an important part of the family. Just like us humans, dogs also need a nutritionally-balanced diet in order to stay fit and healthy. Learning the health needs of your dog will not only make sure that the furry bundle of joy is healthy; it will also help you save a lot of money by minimizing visits to the vet.

As most people know, there are different kinds of human food that may be harmful to canines, some are even fatal. On the other hand, just like humans, there are also certain herbs and natural products that provide benefits to dogs and cure common ailments. So, if you’re asking: “can dogs eat rosemary?” the answer is YES!

What’s In It?

As a matter of fact, rosemary (Rosmarinusofficinalis) is commonly used as an anti-inflammatory for dogs. It contains apigenin, rosmarinic, and ursolic acids among other compounds and these are the primary reasons it has healing properties. It can also be used a tonic for both dog and humans. Another ingredient called diosmetin helps build up and strengthen capillaries, the smallest kind of blood vessels. It therefore helps the cardiovascular system function efficiently. This is the reason why rosemary is being drunk as tea by those suffering from poor blood circulation and low blood pressure.

Where Do I Get It?

If you’re not that into making yourself a cup of tea and getting some tincture for your dog, there are a lot of organic products for dogs that contain rosemary. Just make sure you remember its scientific name so you can easily identify it in a product. They can come in capsules, tablets, or concentrated extracts. Just choose what’s right for your dog. Your vet would also be able to help you decide what you need.