Squashing Your Fears in Regards to Canine Squash Consumption


As far as humans are concerned, squash is healthy. It gives us better vision. It’s considered a vegetable. Vegans certainly advocate more squash-eating as well as celery-eating. However, what about your dog? Is squash okay or is it like chocolate, where what’s good for humans (generally) is outright poison for your canine companion? So can dogs eat squash? Or rather, should dogs eat squash? Luckily, squash is one of those “people” or “table” foods you can feed to your dog, as a quick search through Google should reveal. What’s more, the great thing about squash is that most dogs absolutely love it (compared to your kids, who rank it a little above broccoli as a disgusting health food).

The only thing you need to be careful for when it comes to dogs and squashes is if you have squash in your garden and your dog has ready access to it, because they’re more than likely to eat it all up before you can say, “Sit! Heel! Bad boy!” You should also be cautious about your pooch eating some hidden pet poisons in your home, like coffee ground mulch, for example.

Squash has a great texture and sweetness to it that dogs can’t get enough of. For some pet owners, a dog’s love for squash might be outright surprising, but when it all boils down to it, it’s a great kind of food for your canine. It’s soft, it’s chewy, it’s sweet, and it won’t have them end up bleeding within 24 hours or so. It’s also healthy for them.

If your dog has digestive track problems, a bit of cooked squash or even pumpkin can do wonders in clearing that out and keeping their defecation habits clean and clear. Squash is one of the great digestive equalizer because whether your dog has loose stools or constipation, the vegetable can treat the issue and bring his pooping back to normal.