Can Dogs Eat Strawberries?Are Strawberries Safe For My Dog to Eat?


Strawberries are eaten by people all over the world because berries are known to have the most vitamin C content out of all of the fruits. There are a lot of ways that you can enjoy strawberries, you can create strawberry smoothies, add them to your oatmeal or make some strawberry juice. If you are enjoying your daily dose of strawberries and you see your dog begging you for some pieces of strawberries, you might be tempted to give your dog some.

You might be asking “can dogs eat strawberries”? The short answer is yes, dogs can eat strawberries and it is ok to give them strawberries on a daily basis as long as you do not feed them a lot. While strawberries are generally safe for dogs and there are no reports of any dog becoming sick of eating berries, it is still important that you avoid some foods that are made from strawberries and here are some:

Strawberry smoothies

If you are planning on giving your dog a sip of your strawberry smoothie, then you might want to think twice before doing so. Strawberry smoothies contain whipped cream and other ingredients that contain a lot of calories which can make your dog gain weight.

Feed in moderation

Like any other food that you give your dog, make sure that you feed strawberries in moderation and not too much. While the sugars in strawberries are natural sugars, they are still considered sugar and might cause weight gain to your dog if fed too much.

Other fruits you might want to avoid giving your dog

Strawberries are fruits that can be given to your dog, but if you like eating other fruits then you might want to avoid giving your dog certain fruits like; avocados, grapes or raisins and cherries because these are toxic for dogs.