The Dangers of Tofu to DogsCan Dogs Eat Tofu?


Tofu is one of those foods that you like to eat in Chinese restaurants. Tofu is very rich in vegetable protein and also has a lot of vitamins as well that the human body can benefit from. If you like to eat tofu because of its rich protein content and like to eat it on a daily basis, you might want to think twice first before giving some to your dog because tofu poses a lot of threats when given to dogs.

Can dogs eat tofu? – This is probably the question that you are asking while you are eating tofu and your dog is sitting in front of you and begging for a bite. The answer is a big NO; you should not feed your dog tofu because there are a lot of health risks when you feed your dog some of that tofu you are eating. Some health risks include:

The main ingredient of tofu is soy milk and there are a lot of dogs who are allergic to soy milk. If in any case you fed your dog some tofu and you do not seem to see any type of allergic reaction, then do not attempt to feed them more tofu because the symptoms might come later. Also, dogs might find it hard to digest the tofu because of its soft and chewy texture and might cause indigestion to your dog. Make sure to check the ingredients of dog food that you give your dog to see if it contains any type of soy ingredient.

Other Protein Sources

If you would like to feed your dog foods that contain protein, there are lean meats that you can feed to your dog. Just make sure that you feed your dog meat that is cooked thoroughly in order to avoid bacterial infection.