tomato soupCan Dogs Eat Tomato Soup?


Tomato soup is always tasty on a cold day, but that is only for human beings. Can dogs eat tomato soup? We do not want to forget about man’s best friend!

You should not give anything with tomatoes or tomato products to your dog because this can act as a poison for your dog. It can also create hemolytic anemia which is something that you surely do not want your pet to get. I was reading earlier that green tomatoes typically have about 6% of the toxin, tomatine, in them but as the fruit gets red and ripens, this decreases. I would still recommend that you keep it away from your dog though.

If you give your dog some tomato soup once or twice, more than likely nothing will happen. If, however, you love your dog like I love mine, you will not take the chance and feed your dog anything with tomato products in them! Why take the risk when there are different foods you can feed your pet that do not contain any toxins?