Can Dogs eat Tums?tums


When us humans have an upset stomach, we usually turn to Tums to help us out. If your dog is not feeling well though, would it be okay to give Tums to your dog? The quick answer is, yes, they can but you must be wary of a few things before you turn around and start feeding your dog people medicine.

Dogs can eat Tums, but give them unflavored ones!

If your dog has an upset stomach, you should probably only give your dog unflavored Tums because the stuff they put in there to give them a flavor is usually bad for dogs.

Tums are also a choking hazard!

You may not have heard of it, but Tums come in liquid form. This is the recommended form to give your dog if you must give them some for an upset stomach.

To conclude, dogs can eat Tums but you need to ensure they are getting only unflavored medicine and as a liquid. Just because you can give your dog Tums, does not mean that you should feed them other types of human medicine. Many of the medicines that we take is highly dangerous for our dog friends!