Can Dogs Eat TwizzlersCan Dogs Eat Twizzlers?


Every child wants them – those soft sweet candies called Twizzlers are practically everyone’s favorite. Surely, every kid would also want to share it to their dogs. Especially if your kid loves to eat them, it will only be a matter of time before your dog will start begging for them and before you know it, both your kids and your dogs would start the Twizzlers’ crusade while they spend practically the entire afternoon chewing on them.

To specifically answer the question, can dogs eat Twizzlers, strictly the answer is yes. There is no harm done for dogs to ingest them. Besides, they are known to be safe for consumption as even kids love to eat them. So, can your dog continue on with his Twizzlers’ indulgence?

Too much is bad…

Twizzlers may be safe for dogs however they should not be recommended to be given to your dogs in large quantity. The reason for this are as listed.

  • It is not good for the teeth.

Just like it does to a kid’s teeth, they can also provide unwanted effects to the dog’s teeth. The reason for this is that it contains some sugary substances that may cause decaying of the teeth.

  • It may cause tooth pain

Dogs always love to chew on something. Actually, that is their primal instinct. Know that continual eating of Twizzlers may possibly give some irreversible effects to your dog’s general dental condition. Yes, that would have stopped your dog from chewing on your favorite shoes but it should not jeopardize his dental condition.