Can Dogs Eat White ChocolateCan I Feed My Dog White Chocolate?


Everybody loves to eat chocolate, especially white chocolate which is usually made with whole milk or vanilla. There are a lot of people who love to eat chocolate and if you are a dog owner, you might be wondering if it is okay for you to feed your dog white chocolate? Most dog owners know that it is very dangerous for them to feed their dog chocolate, especially dark chocolate because it contains cocoa. While white chocolate does not contain any cocoa, it is still as dangerous as dark chocolate when fed to your dogs.

There are a lot of people who ask “can dogs eat white chocolate?” The truth is white chocolate can be as dangerous as dark chocolate and here is why:

Dangerous Chemical

The chemical that poses threat to dogs that is found in dark chocolate is also present in white chocolates. The chemical is called theobromine and white chocolates contain small amounts of it. While it is not as much as the ones found in cacao based chocolates, it is still harmful if you feed your dog white chocolates. Even if your dog is begging you to give him or her that piece of chocolate as a treat, do not be tempted to give chocolate to your dog because your pet might get sick.

Other Alternatives

There are other treats that you can give your dog if he or she is begging you for food. Commercial dog food is usually the best options for you to give your dog when he or she is begging for a treat. If you do not fancy dog food and you would rather give your dog a more natural treat, then apples or bananas that is sliced into small pieces are enough of a treat for your dog. Just make sure that you slice them into small bite size pieces to avoid choking.