Can Dogs Eat Yogurt?Can I Feed my Dog Yogurt?


There are many types of food out there that your dog can certainly eat. Can dogs eat yogurt? What do you think? Well you should know that dogs can eat yogurt since it contains a significant amount of calcium as well as protein. You can actually add yogurt on your dog’s meal every day to make sure that your dog can have a sustainable supply of calcium as well as protein. If you are going to pick a particular yogurt for your dog, you must choose a yogurt that contains good bacteria. In addition to that, you should not buy yogurt that has a lot of sugars in it since it might not be good for some dogs. As you can see, frozen yogurt can be a great summer treat for your good doggie.

Other Great Food for Your Dogs

Any dog in the world needs omega-3 fatty acids. As you can see, flax seed is a great source of this essential acid. Omega acid is great for dog’s skin as well as coat. You should buy flax seed and then grind them. Add them to your dog’s food so that your dog will not suspect that there are flax seeds in his or her meal. Dogs naturally don’t eat flax seed since it doesn’t smell good to them. Grinding them will make it easier for you to deliver good amounts of omega-3 fatty acids to your pet.

Aside from yogurt, chicken, and flax seeds, you can actually give your pet fish such as salmon. It is a great source of omega-3 fatty acid as well so if you cannot find any flax seed in the nearest market, you should go for salmon. You can actually buy salmon oil and then mix it in with the meal or drink of your dog.