Can Dogs have Apples?


You know that tasty red fruit many of us love dearly?  Personally, the crunch really does it for me.  One of the best afternoon snacks, known to keep the doctor away, can we really say anything bad about apples?  Not really, but how do our pooches do with them, can dogs have apples just like humans?  The short answer is yes, dogs can have apples, and like other fruits they are rich in many vitamins and nutrients, and if your dog likes them; they are one of the more healthy snacks you can feed them for a treat!

Can Dogs Have Apples?That old saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is totally true.  It is not a very big secret that apples are a great food for humans, but what about for our dogs?  Apples are very rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium, and pectin.  All of these are very good things that help in many different ways to keep your dog healthy.  However, you should always remove the seeds and core from the apple.  Just like for us humans, eating the seeds and core of an apple can cause a vast majority of problems, although it is even more serious with our canine friends.  In high quantities, they can be very dangerous and even lethally toxic (the seeds contain cyanide), so you should really avoid giving your dog entire apples.  Especially because dogs have been known to try and swallow whole apples, which obviously would be a serious problem if they even got it half way down.  Also, feeding your dog too many apples can also cause many digestive problems.  So make sure you are giving them in moderation, and not as every meal of the day!

The best way to feed dogs apples is to cut them into thin little slices, just as you would for a child.  These slices are great mixed in with their food, or you can use them as training treats.  Many dogs also love applesauce, which is a great and safe way to feed them apples as well, but watch out, some of the cheaper brands can be more sugar and corn syrup than apples, which really isn’t doing your dog any favors.  Your dog should be able to tell you pretty well when they have had enough apples to eat, and will usually just start ignoring them altogether if you try and feed them some.