Can Dogs Have Benadryl?

Most loving dog owners want to make sure our pet pals are as well care for as possible, especially if they are in pain or need of medical attention.  One thing we as humans commonly use for a variety of purposes is Benadryl.  So many dog owners logically ask, can dogs have Benadryl?  Well, yes, dogs can have Benadryl, but before you go give it to them, make sure you know what you are doing!  Be sure to call your vet and check a proper dosage chart.  Benadryl can be useful to help treat bee stings, hives, and anxiety, and if you are giving it properly, it is a very safe medication for all dogs, from puppy to adult.  But please, make sure you don’t overdo it, and always consult your vet.

Can Dogs Have Benadryl?Benadryl, (or diphenhydramine), is a brand name over the counter antihistamine.  It is administered for allergy and seasonal relief, as well as anxiety.  It can be administered orally or topically.  Benadryl actually advocates the use of their product for pets and has done a whole bunch of testing to prove that it is safe.  Although if you are recurringly giving  Benadryl, there is probably a much better solution to your problem, it is a good temporary fix.  If your dog is pregnant or sick, always make sure you consult your vet, as further complications could develop.  It is very useful for anxious or nervous dogs to give in a situation where they will be under a lot of stress, like a long car ride.  It is also very useful to help with bee sting pain and swelling, which is one of its primary uses.  Benadryl should by no means be considered a cure, however, and if there is a constant problem your dog probably needs a better treatment than recurring doses of Benadryl.