Can dogs have garlic?

Short answer, no your dog cannot eat garlic.  If you give them too much, it can kill them.  That is not to say that no dog can ever have garlic, ever, though.  Foods spiced with garlic (basically everything) are still okay for your dog to eat, as garlic is only dangerous to do dogs in larger doses, but it is very important for them not to have too much, as it can and WILL kill them!  I cannot stress that enough, do not give your dog too much garlic!

Garlic and DogsActually, all members of the onion family, from garlic to scallions will harm a dog’s red blood cells if they are eaten in excess.  The stronger the onion, the more harmful it will be.  Garlic is actually the most toxic by volume of the onion family.  Fortunately, it is rare to see a dog go after a raw onion or garlic, they generally do not like the taste.  However, garlic powder or dehydrated mixes can be the cause of great problems if your dog gets into them.  Part of what makes ingestion of garlic so dangerous in dogs is that symptoms will not appear for four or five days, and they will start to be very serious very quickly when they do.  If you suspect your dog has eaten garlic or onions, make sure you take them to the vet to get checked out, or they can end up with liver damage for life.

Garlic can actually provide many health benefits to dog’s though, in very small amounts.  Garlic can have a very positive on many of the dogs organ systems, as well as its digestion.  Garlic helps the acid that breaks down foods in a dog’s belly and it helps to promote the development of helpful bacteria in the belly and intestines.  Garlic is also a well-known booster of the immune system, which is also very true in dogs.  Diabetic canines actually benefit immensely from regular doses of garlic, as it will help them to maintain a proper level of blood sugar.  Garlic will also help to purify the liver, getting rid of any toxins that have built up in their digestive system.  Although there are some benefits from garlic, they can generally be gained from other foods in a much safer way.  If you are going to give your dog garlic, try researching some of the fruits or veggies that will have the same positive benefits at much less of a risk.