Can Dogs Have Oranges?

Mmmm, oranges.  Most of us love this juicy and sweet fruit, and it is very good for us.  Among many other fruits, like apples, oranges are great for dogs!  Of course, like any other food, they must be fed in moderation.

Can Dogs Have Oranges?Humans and dogs are pretty similar in genes and especially similar in diet.  Dogs can eat many of the same foods we can (with some exceptions of course) and they provide them almost the same benefits.  Basically, they need almost the same things in their diet as we do in ours.  There is a tremendous amount of research on the benefits of oranges, and they provide many different benefits to the body.  Most commonly known, of course, is the Vitamin C in the fruit juice that helps boost the immune system and ward off disease.  Vitamin C is especially well known and proven to help immensely with the common cold and seasonal flu’s and is by far one of the most effective preventative treatments.  Oranges are totally fat-free, cholesterol free, and salt-free; so your dog will not develop any increased risks of heart disease from them, nor will oranges make them fat.  It is actually recommended that dogs eat oranges to help promote better blood circulation.  Vitamin C is also known to help with joint pain, like that of dogs with arthritis.  Oranges will also promote new cell growth, helping to heal cuts and bruises.  Just make sure you feed them in moderation, as too much of any fruit can cause vomiting and diarrhea in dogs.  And they really should not ingest the peels and the seeds as they will cause them to have a very upset stomach, and you will have a very unhappy dog.

Oranges can be used as a great training treat, and are easy to a dog to chew down and digest quickly.  They are full of enzymes and good vitamins that will give your dog a surplus of energy and help to promote a strong immune system.  You can even add a little juice from the orange to their food to flavor it up!  Organic oranges are of course much better with dogs, and make sure to de-seed them before you feed them.  A dog will go nuts over an orange and devour the whole thing, which is not very good for their digestive system.  So can dogs have oranges?  Absolutely!  Go ahead and feed them a few slices, they will love you for it!