Can Dogs Have Popcorn?

Many of us love to curl up to a nice movie with our dog and have some popcorn.  Can dogs have popcorn?  Yes!  They can eat this tasty snack, and watch movies with us too.  Most dogs will love popcorn, and be very intrigued by the pop and crunch of it.  Like with all human foods, though, be careful to only feed it in moderation to your dog.  Most popcorn contains a whole lot of salt and butter, which is extremely fattening to both dogs and humans.  For the health of you both, try some popcorn without salt or butter.

Dog Loves PopcornWith the exception of the salt and butter, popcorn contains basically no calories.  This means it can actually be a great treat or snack for even a dog that is overweight.  Although popcorn provides a whole bunch of dietary and nutritional benefits to humans, dogs do not really see the same benefits.  There are basically no nutritional benefits for your dog in eating popcorn, so it is certainly not a meal alternative. Popcorn is really not a dog food, although they can digest it perfectly fine.  However, popcorn can make a great training treat for teaching your dog tricks or obedience training, it is a very light thing for them to munch on.  Just beware of processed premade popcorns that contain a bunch of preservatives and chemicals, as these can make your dog sick.  It is best to cook the popcorn yourself, without salt and minimal butter or oil to pop it.  It is also best to make sure that the popcorn you give your dog is completely popped and not partially a kernel.  Popcorn is also not very good for smaller or toy breeds because it can get stuck on its way through their digestive system.  It would also be a good idea to start your dog off with a very small amount of popcorn, as some can be allergic to it.  If you follow these basic guidelines, though, you and your pup should be on the couch enjoying your favorite flick in now time (plus popcorn)!