Can Dogs Have Strawberries?

YES!  And they LOVE strawberries.  Along with most edible berries, they are very healthy for your puppy pal to eat.  Strawberries are a very nutritious berry for both humans and dogs, just don’t give them any chocolate covered strawberries (chocolate is toxic to dogs), but strawberries are one of the many “human” foods that are safe for dogs to eat too.  Of course, being sweet and juicy, most dogs just love to munch down on strawberries, so it is a very good idea to keep them away from dogs…. because they will almost certainly eat the whole box if they get into them!

Dog Eating StrawberriesStrawberries have a great many health benefits for dogs.  First off, they have an enzyme in them that will help keep your dog’s teeth white and clean.  In fact, the homeopathic remedy called Fragaria, which is  used to break down tartar and clean dogs teeth is actually made from strawberries.  They also contain a great many anti-oxidants (like most berries and fruit), that will slow the aging process by fighting degenerative diseases (like cancer).  Anti-oxidants have been shown to provide great benefit in reducing the occurrences of chronic diseases in older dogs as well.  The berries have natural anti-inflammatory nutrients that will help dogs that suffer from arthritis or other joint problems.  And they are loaded with Vitamin C, which will boost your dog’s immune system so that they don’t even get sick in the first place.  Just like in humans, dogs will see immense benefits from eating strawberries as they are loaded with all sorts and different types of nutrients that provide great overall health value… to just about every part of the body!

Did I mention that strawberries are sweet?  Well, I am sure you know that anyway…but consider what makes them sweet in the first place.  In addition to being loaded with a bunch of healthy stuff, strawberries are also loaded with tons and tons of sugar, they are most certainly one of the most sugary berries around.  This will mean your dog is going to love them, but it is also going to mean that your dog is going to be loading themselves up with sugar.  This makes it very important to feed strawberries to your dog in moderation, as too many can easily lead to obesity.  Trust me, they are not going to want to stop eating them until they run out or you stop them.  Usually, it is advisable to go the later route!  Moderation is always the key in a dogs diet (just like ours).  You can feed your dog the strawberries whole, as the seeds are not harmful like in many other fruits and berries, but you may want to remove the stems first (they don’t taste very good).