Can Dogs Have Watermelon?

Summertime and the livin’ is easy!  We all love to have barbecues, summer games, and hangouts; and most of us love to enjoy watermelon in the summertime.  Of course, our dogs are usually around, and like always, they want to eat everything we have.  So can dogs have watermelon?  Absolutely!  Our dogs adore most fruits, and watermelon is no exception.  So let them dig in, watermelon is actually a very healthy snack to give your canine pal.

Can Dogs Have Watermelon?Watermelon is actually one of the most ideal “human” foods to feed your pet because they are absent of cholesterol and fat, two things that aren’t very good for your dog.  Watermelon is actually over ninety percent H2O, and the rest is pretty much fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium.  Potassium is a very powerful anti-oxidant and helps dogs control their heart rate.  Just 100 grams (a small slice) of fresh watermelon will provide almost 1/5 of the daily intake they are supposed to have.  Feeding your dog fresh, natural fruit is almost always a good idea, as it contains many of the vitamins our pets need the most but see the least of.  Watermelon, being full of water, is actually a great way to hydrate your pet on a hot summer day, and is one of the most hydrating fruits available for dogs.

Just make sure you do not feed your dog a whole bunch of the core or the seeds.  These seeds contain small amounts of cyanide, which we all know to be very harmful.  Now, this is not a big deal if they are just eating a slice, but pull out some of the seeds if you are going to let them dig into an entire watermelon.  Of course, healthy levels vary from pet to pet and mainly depend on the size and breed of your dog.  But other than that, your dog is not going to overdose on watermelons (well, perhaps the joy of eating them, though!).  Although if you feed your dog too much of it, they will become very gassy, although nothing is in danger, except maybe your nose.  Just make sure you do not let them eat the core, or many seeds, as these can be dangerous if your dog eats too much.  Cut them out some pieces and you guys can have a nice game of Fetch although it may not make it all the way back to you!