Can Dogs Laugh?

If you have owned a dog for awhile, you probably swear you have heard them laugh a couple times.  It can sound very similar to a child’s laugh, and it is much more similar to a baby’s howls of excitement and fun than a human adult laugh.

Laughing DogA dog’s laugh is another type of communication for your puppy pal.  Since we have integrated them into our households, it is important to understand all their behaviors and why they do them.  Dogs will laugh much like a child will; because they are excited and anticipating something of great fun, and laughing is their way of expressing this.  Dog laughing can be can be a “Hey, let’s play!” to another dog, or an “OH WOW YOU WANT TO PLAY?” to a human, and it will usually compliment some other enthusiastic body language like tail wagging or jumping as well.  If your dog is laughing, you can assume they are in a state of great joy!  Just like with humans, dog laughter is contagious and brightens other dogs moods.  In many research studies, dogs have been shown to respond very favorably, and even laugh themselves, at audio being played of other dogs laughing (even if they are not present).  Dogs are not the only animals that laugh either, it is a pretty common behavior used to express joy and happiness all across the animal kingdom.  If you have one dog in a pack that starts laughing, they will probably all be laughing soon.  Dogs can also pick up laughing as a learned behavior from their owners, and they may start laughing with you the next time you are watching a funny movie! Look up some youtube videos on it, it is absolutely adorable!