Can Dogs See Ghosts?

A canine sixth sense?  Where did that mysterious reaction come from?  Can our dogs sense a supernatural that we cannot?  Can dogs see ghosts?  It can be exciting to think that our dog is sensitive to a deceased relative or friend, that they can sense something much more clearly than we can.  We all know that dogs have different senses than we do, and certainly perceive our world much differently.

Can Dogs See Ghosts?Although it is not entirely surprising, hard evidence of dogs having extra sensory perception is both hard to find and almost always anecdotal and not based on facts.  In 2009, a woman named Peggy Schmidt wrote a very popular book on the subject called, “Tales Of The Afterlife”.  In the book, she gives very detailed stories of unexplained actions of dogs or other pets who are apparently interacting with something or someone not visible to humans.  One example in the book is a woman called Del Johnsen who died leaving six cats and seven canine friends behind.  Many witnesses report a belief that she has been visiting her pets every day since her passing, the animals will suddenly gather in one spot, acting like they are being petted and given attention at their owner, simultaneously.  Cats arching their backs, and dogs rolling over for a belly rub; then they will just resume their activities after a time as if everything that happened was totally normal.  Schmidt herself claims her own terrier Pixie has repeatedly detected and reacted to ghosts while exploring buildings rumored to be haunted.

But of course, this could all be due to a dog’s extraordinary senses, because they can actually sense many things that we cannot.  A dog’s senses are much different from ours, their eyes are better at detecting motions, they smell on a molecular level, and they can hear over four times the distance and a far larger range of frequencies.  So absolutely, they can see, hear, and smell things that we have no idea are even there.  Both wild and domestic dogs most certainly sensed the impending Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004, well before anyone knew of it; there are many reports of distress shown in pets, vocal warnings, and behavior changes.  Literally many pets ran for cover or totally refused to go outside.  Many experts believe that what they were sensing were tiny vibrations in the land, much before humans could.  But can dogs see ghosts?  Jury’s still out on that one.