What Can You Give A Dog For Constipation?

Sometimes as dog owners, we will have to deal with diarrhea, but occasionally, our pets can become constipated as well.  Constipation in dogs is just like constipation in humans, it is when they are having a tough time pooping, they will look like they need to go, but they won’t go.  This can range from being uncomfortable to very painful for dogs, and there are several common causes.


What Can You Give A Dog For Constipation?If your dog spends minutes hunching over and straining, and they produce nothing, it is safe to assume that they are constipated, especially if the problem goes on for more than a day or so.  Many constipated dogs will also appear bloated, and they may display signs of pain (especially when they are trying to poop).  This may come with darker mucus or bloody poop if they do get anything out at all.  If this continues to get worse, your dog may start to loose appetite and even start vomiting.  Hopefully, though, it will never get to that point.

Possible Causes

Constipation is usually brought on by a partial or complete blockage of the colon, or a dietary imbalance.  Things like dehydration, lack of fiber, not enough exercise, or ingestion of a foreign object are among the most common causes of constipation in dogs.  Other common causes in older dogs include body problems, like infected anal glands, hip area injury, or intestinal tumors.  Most of the common issues can be cleared up with simple dietary changes, especially more hydration for them, or an addition of fiber to their diet.  If the problem does not resolve itself in a day or two, though, you should most certainly take them to get checked out at the vet, because there could be another more serious problem going on internally that you cannot see.