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Want to Learn About Caucasian Shepherds?



Generally the Caucasian Shepherd Dog is recognized as the breed from its ancient origin of the Caucasian dogs. From the Caucasian Range to the steppe areas of Southern Russia the breed’s development covers the entire region. The behavior of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog is consistent, self- confident, very much dynamic, independent and also fearless. The Caucasian Shepherd Dog demonstrates a dedicated relationship to its master. They are actually great watchman dogs.


They are also known as the ‘Caucasian Ovcharka.’ Caucasian Shepherd Dogs have a strong bone, muscular body and tempered Molossers. Plain dogs have a shorter cover and seem taller as they are all gently built. Mountain canine is basically made with a muscular body with heavier coat. Caucasian Shepherds are generally large in size. Maximum height and weight is not mentioned or recorded. For a male dog, the minimum height is 68 centimeters and the maximum height ranges between 72 and 75 centimeters. The weight of a Male dog is about 50 kilograms. For a female dog, the minimum height is about 64 centimeters with a desirable height in between 67 and 70 centimeters. Their weight is actually about 45 kilograms. Softness and horrible personalities are considered to be the basic features of the breed. Puppies of this breed have long life with healthy appearance. But sometimes this kind of breed is has hip dysplasia, heart issues and obesity problem. The Caucasian Shepherd also has cropped ears. But there are also some people who do not want to push this thing to their dog as this is very cruel. This kind of cropping is not necessary for the canine’s customary working conditions. The average age of Caucasian is 10-12 years. It does have some health issues which end their life early. Most bloodlines convey a gene for back dysplasia. Additionally tumor is rare. There is a genuine issue of inbreeding in this breed leading to health concerns. The Caucasian shepherd is noticeably wise. Sometimes they behave ferociously if they don’t know the people and this can be very dangerous for the people. They can be ill mannered and decline to listen at times. By giving a proper training this could be changed. They are regularly used to chase bears.


This breed requires a little grooming for when they shed. Once every week should be enough to keep your pet happy.


The development of the breed was an after effect of regular determination as well as impacted by countries that possessed the Caucasian Region. In reality, Caucasian Shepherd dogs were utilized for guarding and safe-keeping of crowds. Choice work with the breed began in the USSR in the 1920s. Mandatory qualities, for example, physical force, sharply developed hearing, courage, self-assurance, exceptional sight, and a thick and waterproof cover have been easily cultivated at the time of selection. The Turkish Caucasian is partitioned into four sorts those being the Garban, the Georgian Akhaltsikhe sort, the Circassian variant and the Kars Dog. The Armenian mutts are partitioned into the huge, long haired and regularly multicoloured sort and somewhat more modest. Wolf light black puppies of medium length cover with longer muzzles. Astrakhan sort is found in the Kabardino Balkarian area and is accepted to be a cross breeds between the Russian show and the old Circassian and Georgian mountain dogs. Sometimes the other Turkish puppies are crossed with the Armenian and Georgian sorts.