Central Asian Ovcharka

Facts about the Central Asian Ovcharka


Behaviors of the Central Asian Ovcharka

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is a defensive puppy who bonds first with its human guardian and next with any other person. It is very brave as well as strong in nature. These dogs are very nice to all their family members. They also take charge of children. The Central Asian Ovcharka is distinguished by FCI as a Molossoid puppy type of Russian base. The Molossoid means a category of dog that is built solidly and all breeds of these dogs originate from the similar regular ancestor. They are very dominating over other dogs outside the home. They feel like guardians and always try to act like that. They have a habit to bark at night only. This can be a problem for your neighbors. They are very smart and also sensitive. The Central Asian Ovcharka shows a good response to the person who shows loyalty.

Appearance of the Ovcharka

A puppy of this breed is strong with a larger size and incredible power and vitality. They are always alert on every action. They are also responsible as well as curious and calm. The dog is tall. The male dogs have the height between 65 and 78 cm with 55 to 79 kg weight. The female dog has the height between 60 and 69 cm with a weight around 55 to 79 kg. The hair is short or tolerably long with an overwhelming undercoat. Its ears are trimmed and quite short and the tail is comparatively long. But cosmetic surgery is illegal and also this kind of trimming didn’t work for the dogs. Most regular shades are black or different shades of color. Some have a dark covering. The head is exceptionally robust, with a tough top or skull. The neck is short and situated below. The figure is generally wide, proportionate, and also muscular. The ribcage looks quite long due to improved false ribs. The legs are straight. Leg bones seem extended and never give out the feeling that any bone is short. The posterior is expansive.

History of the Ovcharka

Focal Asians lived in a topographical zone between the Ural, Asia Minor, Caspian Sea and the Northwest outskirt of China. Aboriginal Central Asians and blends still can be found in nations of its birthplace, for example Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, and encompassing countries. Some serve as domesticated animals who are gatekeepers, some secure their managers, and some are utilized for battling, which is a national custom in numerous nations of that locale. This breed includes various types of breed. They vary in size, color, head sorts and hair sorts. Focal Asians have a tendency to structure a social gathering which consists of distinctive parts bearing diversities. Likewise, puppies with diverse working qualities are ordinarily conceived in the same litter. Most significant, thoroughbred Central Asians have interesting breed characteristics. The breed includes some specific characters like extremely flexible joints, particular head set, false ribs and exceptionally solid neck with monstrous power. Expressive, with very nearly human eyes and uncovering supreme brainpowers complete the whole structure.