Gass Bottles are Better For Degus

Chew Proof Glass Water Bottle For Small AnimalsI had originally used a plastic water bottle in my degus’ cage – until they discovered how fun it is to chew plastic! Then we had to move the bottle outside the cage with only the metal spout accessible to their gnawing teeth.

How to Clean a Glass Water Bottle

I like using glass also because it can’t retain bacteria the way plastic can. Despite that fact, just like your cage, it’s still very important to clean a glass bottle often.

You can either find a thin wire brush or use this trick my boyfriend showed me:

  • Fill the bottle half way with warm soapy water
  • Add about a half teaspoon of sand
  • Shake and watch any grime come right off the bottle

What kind of sand? Any! We used some from our driveway. the particles is sand or even small pieces of rock gravel.

How About Boiling?

For extra cleaning and sanitation, just like for baby bottles, you can boil a glass water bottle. If your bottle has a plastic duck or other water level indicator I’d recommend removing that first. Just boil up some water in a dish large enough to let the bottle lay flat in the bottom then drop in the water bottle. Let it boil for 5-7 minutes then drain the pot and let the bottle cool for 20 minutes till it’s safe to touch.

I clean the sipper tube with a cotton swab, mild detergent and warm water. Always make sure you get all the soap out of the sipper tube and that it is fully functional before putting it back in you pet’s cage.

Why Glass and Metal?

Glass provides superior chew resistance and the metal covering the plastic insides keeps this water bottle lasting a long time – even with chewing degus around! Spring attachment hanger holds the bottle securely in place inside or outside any small animal wire home. And with this specific bottle the double-ball bearing drip resistant sipper tube, It drips very rarely. This one comes in three sizes: 6oz, 12oz and 24oz. I’ve used both the 6 oz and the 12oz bottles. The 12oz bottle is great when I know we’ll be away overnight.

I’ve only used the super pet one but here are some other well-reviewed glass water bottles available at

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