Why Citronella Collars Are A Kinder Alternative To Other Dog Bark Collars

Citronella Bark CollarHave you been considering citronella collars? When a pet owner is faced with the issue of problem barking, they’re often in a situation where they need to put a quick end to the behavior. Allowing nuisance barking to continue is worthy of a fine in many jurisdictions, which can leave a dog owner ready to put the pedal to the metal when it comes to training their dog out of their problem barking behavior. Traditional verbal training can take weeks or months to become effective, and even when applied, dogs still have the option to act up whenever their owner isn’t around to consistently apply the training. While it’s understandable that some dog owners need a quick fix for their pup’s behavior, some dog bark collars are bad choices for training away nuisance barking behavior.

Citronella Bark Collars are More Humane Than Electric Collars

Electric collars, which are also referred to as e-collars and zap collars, are a method of training dogs out of problem behaviors that is now widely considered to be inhumane. This method includes the use of a collar that has a remotely controlled device as well as two electrical diodes which are placed flush against the back of the dog’s neck when the collar is worn correctly. When using electric collars for barking, the dog owner must remotely activate the collar when the dog’s nuisance barking behavior begins. This results in the dog being shocked by the two diodes in the collar.

While this method of training does produce fast results, it also produces fear and aggressive behavior in otherwise friendly and happy animals. It can also cause painful irritations and inflammations known as hot spots on the dog’s neck where the diodes in the collar are placed. A study performed by Tuskegee University indicated that dogs who were trained out of nuisance barking behaviors via the use of electric collars produced the harmful mammalian stress hormone cortisol on their first day of training. Cortisol is a hormone that is produced in response to fear, anger and other emotions that cause any mammal to feel threatened or unwell. It can have a negative long-term effect on the wellness of any creature.

Citronella Collars Are Simply Kinder

A citronella collar is a much kinder and more positive alternative to the use of an electric collar in nuisance barking training. A citronella dog collar is worn as a typical collar would be. The citronella bark collar features a small canister which the person training the dog fills with a fluid that contains diluted citronella oil. The citronella dog bark collar also features a small electronic mechanism which is able to detect when a dog is barking in a way that would be considered nuisance barking. When the citronella spray collar detects this behavior, it responds by releasing a short burst of the solution. The all-natural citronella oil, which is a derivative of the lemongrass plant, is disliked by dogs but does not harm them in any way. Because dogs don’t like the smell produced by the citronella anti-bark collar, they will cease barking. If the behavior begins again, the collar will again release a short burst of spray.

Like Any Training, Using A Citronella Bark Collar Will Take Some Time

Citronella collars for dogs work best when you have time to devote to spending with your pet and observing their behavior. Letting dogs wear citronella collars for a bit before actually filling the canister with solution will allow them to become accustomed to the weight of the citronella spray collar and how it feels around their neck. Once your pup is used to wearing his citronella bark collar, then try filling up the canister. When your dog is exposed to a stimulus that leads to barking and is sprayed by his collar, reward him with plenty of love and enthusiasm when he quiets down. Repeat that process frequently over the course of a few days. By the time those days have past, you should see a marked change in your dog’s behavior, but can be confident that the collar will continue to act as a monitor for problem barking when you’re away.

It’s important to note that dogs who have been allowed to nuisance bark for years will take longer to train with any method, dog bark collar or otherwise. It is also important to make sure that your pet isn’t barking excessively in response to sickness, hunger, thirst or boredom before choosing a dog bark collar for training. If your pup likes to bark out of excitement or barks to assert territory, a citronella collar for dogs is a great training choice.