Metal Wheel Recommendations For Degus

Rascal and His Favorite WheelEvery time I’ve gone to a store I have only ever seen two kinds of metal wheels:

  • Metal Mesh Wheels
  • Metal Bar Wheels

Maybe someday we’ll be able to find solid metal wheels for our degus in any pet supply store. We can wish can’t we? Remember don’t buy a wheel any smaller than 9″ for your degus. Little ones will grow to full size very quickly and in order for them to get the full potential out of the wheel they need to be able to reach a full stride in the wheel. This is best achieved at around 9″ to 11″ diameter.

Metal Mesh Wheels

Are far better for your degu to use for a number of reasons. While wire/metal mesh isn’t optimal for a degu’s paws, something that their feet or paws can’t fall through with a misstep is better than something that begs a broken leg or paw. These wheels are fairly easy to clean as well. The wheel comes off of the stand and both the wheel and stand can be cleaned easily with soap and water. Most of these wheels can either be used hooked onto the side of a wire cage or self-standing on the base of the cage.

Metal Bar Wheel
NOT Recommended for Degus!

NOT Recommended for Degus!

I would consider a metal bar wheel like the one pictured at the right only at an extreme last resort, and I would only put it into a degu’s cage or play area after some modifications. If you weave Chloroplast or cardboard through the rungs it would be safer, but in my experience, it’s not a good permanent solution as you can’t just clean it that way and have to replace the materials you weave into the wheel.