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Say Hello to the Dachschund!


Behavior common to the Dachschund

The Dachshund is one of the most loving and protective small dog breeds that you can get. This breed has a never ending supply of energy and loves to be on his feet and going on walks and adventures with you. He demands attention from you as the owner and loves being involved in all activities around the house and outside.

Dachshunds become very attached to their owners and have been known to get jealous if your attention is not on him. This small dog breed can be very sociable but is usually reserved around strangers until he gets to know them! This makes the breed a great guard dog. The bark from this dog will sound like it is coming from a much larger animal.

Because of the high energy level, your Dachshund will need daily walks outside. This does not mean that he should be an outdoor dog and should be kept indoors because if he gets bored, he will chew or dig up things you do not want him digging or chewing.

They are great with other animals but if you have cats in the house, your new Dachschund should be raised around them from when he is just a little puppy.

Make sure not to get this small dog breed if you have very small children around the house. They are best when you have children who know that you should not tease the dog because he can bite when he is excited.

Training the Dachshund can sometimes be a chore because they can be a bit stubborn and not learn as fast as other dogs. If you have the patience to train this dog breed, then you are sure to have a lifelong friend!

Last but not least, the Dachshund is a medium shedder and does gain weight fast so do not overfeed them!

Appearance of the Dachschund

Dachshunds come in a lot of different varieties. The standard is average 13 inches tall and will weight on average around 25 pounds. There is a miniature version of the Dachshund which is very small at 8 inches tall and weighting in at 10 pounds.

The coat of this small dog breed is going to be short and shiny. It will be very smooth to the touch! The color of the coat can be many different colors with the most common being brown, black, and tan colored.

Dachshunds have two sizes, standard and miniature. These two types have three different coats to choose from which are wire haired, smooth, and long haired.

Grooming your Dachschund

This dog breed does not to be groomed that much. The more you groom him, the less shedding will occur around your house if you are worried about the hair getting everywhere. If not, then the occasional grooming is all that is needed.

History of the Dacschund

This small dog breed was first bred early in the 17th century in Germany. He was bred to be a good hunting dog and quickly became popular when he arrived in America in the 1900’s.