A clean cage is a happy cage!

Degu Cage Cleaning Tips
Cleaning a Degu Aquarium Tank

If you have an aquarium tank for your degus it’s easy to clean it!

  1. Take out all the degus, toys, bowls, climbing things, houses, wheels and such
  2. Turn the tank on its side with a trash bag underneath
  3. Use a dustpan or a piece or cardboard to scrape all the bedding out into the trash bag
  4. Use paper towels or rags and a spray cleaner, I use the all-purpose Arm & Hammer Essentials spray or the Chlorox Green Works Spray
  5. Get all the built up crud out of the corners and clean the inside as well as the out
  6. Make sure you wipe out all the moisture from the spray and leave the empty tank for 20-30 minutes to let the cleaner odor dissipate and any remaining moisture evaporate
  7. If you’re not using a plant based cleaner or organic cleaner I would recommend bringing the aquarium into the bath tub and spraying it down with the shower head to remove any chemical residue
  8. Once the tank is dry and doesn’t smell of cleaning products add bedding and arrange as you like
    I tend to give it an extra 10 minutes after it dries to make sure the odor of the cleaners gets out

DO NOT use heavy chemical bleach or ammonia cleaners. The odor and fumes from the chemicals in these heavy cleaners can be hazardous to your degu’s noses, eyes, and lungs. That’s why I stick with mild detergents and gentle plant based cleaners – and always rinse cleaners (plant bases or not) and soaps with warm water.

Cleaning a Degu Cage

Cages are a bit trickier to clean but it needs to get done as often as a tank.

  1. Take out all the degus, toys, bowls, climbing things, houses, wheels and such.
  2. If the cage has a removable tray pull that out to dump the bedding into the trash and clean it in the sink or tub with a mild detergent.
  3. I typically bring the cage into the bathtub and turn on the shower head a bit warmer than I use in my own showers.
  4. Use a mild detergent and a dish towel or washcloth, it’s best to have a designated degu cleaning towel as to not mix it up with other cleaning tasks such as bathroom cleaning or drying the dishes.
    • I use an eco-friendly 70% bamboo dishcloth by ScotchBrite and a mild eco-friendly detergent: Palmolive Pure & Clear dish soap.
  5. It’s important to not only wash the base but to wipe down both sides of all the bars, inside, outside, top and bottom.
    • Degus are sprayers, and it’s important to keep the cage as clean as possible.  Too much spray build up is unclean for degu living environments.
    • If you’re concerned about the home not smelling like theirs  when you put them back in don’t wash the toys at the same time as the cage, wash it a couple days later when they’ve sprayed and made the cage their own again.
  6. Make sure you rinse off all the soap.
  7. Towel dry the cage as best you can and give it 20-30 minutes to air dry before you add bedding, degus ad toys back in.

Cleaning a Custom Wooden Cage

You are on your own for this one.  A custom or homemade wooden cage should ideally have a lined bottom. Whether it’s a linoleum or chloroplast bottom it’s idea to have a nonporous surface on the bottom and sides of a home made cage, especially for cleaning. Maybe even a rhino lining or other spray lining the degus can’t pull off or chip off the custom cage.