Give Your Degu Grass

My degus love grass!!! Specifically the grass’ you see labeled as cat grass or pet grass or wheat grass. You can often buy seeds to plant these kinds of grass from garden supply stores or home stores like Home Depot. Usually you’ll find what you need in the seed packets by the vegetables. I particularly like the organic seeded wheat grass. Here’s a link to the Wikipedia article on wheatgrass and a Wikipedia article on cat grass (AKA dactylis).

Degu Cage With Grass

See – the green just livens up the cage so much! I only give them the whole planter of grass when I’m ready to let them completely destroy it. Degus in the wild will destroy entire crops by essentially chopping down all the plants just above the soil. Then it seems like they just let the grass dry before they eat it. So they don’t destroy crops by eating everything – more they destroy the crops, then eat. Remember – wild degus are pesky little buggers in Chile.

I’ll sometimes just trim grass that I grow outside the cage and give them the clippings in their bowl – they really like that. Other times I’ll hide some snacks and treats just below the surface of the dirt (if I’m giving them the grass planter) and let them dig it out.

In the future I’ll post about planting wheat grass but really I cannot encourage you enough to buy some of the pet grass they sell at the pet store to see if your degus like it – the greens shouldn’t be any more than 10% of their diet but it’s a great different snack to train or treat your degus with. Check out some other great snacks for your degu!