Disc Dog, a fun and engaging dog sport!

Looking for a fun and engaging way to exercise with your dog? Perhaps you should try “Disc Dog”. Also called Frisbee dog, “Disc Dog” is more than just playing fetch with a plastic disc; think Ultimate Frisbee, but for dogs. Dogs and their human companions work together to perform distance throwing or freestyle catching. And once you get the hang of the sport, your dog might even be able to do advanced tricks – like jumping over your back or propelling themselves off of your stomach as they catch a Frisbee.

Disc Dog“Disc Dog” is great exercise and a great way to bond with your pet. As you learn to throw, catch, and run together, your dog will learn to trust you all the more and your bond will grow stronger with every game. Depending on how often you and your dog play, the sport provides great physical exercise as well as mental stimulation. Your pup needs to use his brains when he runs and jumps after those Frisbees, after all!

Training for “Disc Dog”

One thing that you need to know about “Disc Dog” is that it takes a lot of preparation and training before you guys are ready for competition. First thing’s first, you have to get your dog comfortable around the Frisbee and to do this, use the disc as a food or water bowl. Another technique is to slowly substitute the Frisbee for another toy your dog enjoys playing with.

When you want to start actually playing around with the Frisbee, make sure to encourage your dog to chase it. Work from rolling it on the ground to throwing it in the air (don’t throw it directly at your pet though) and give praise when he performs the way you want him to.

Become Active in the “Disc Dog” Community

If you’re looking to get involved with fellow “Disc Dog” groups, there are local clubs all over the country with at least one thing in common: they love their pets! Whether you’re new to the game or an old pro, joining a club is a great way to teach your old (or young) dog new tricks. Not to mention it’s also a great way to meet like-minded people!

Or maybe competing is more up your alley. If so, don’t fret; there are events all across the country where you can show off you and your canine companion’s moves.

The very first “Disc Dog” competition was held in 1975 and called the Catch & Fetch competition. Later it was renamed the Ashley Whippet Invitational after the inspiration and first winner of the Catch & Fetch competition. The Ashley Whippet Invitational has come a long way, now hosting events in Europe, Asia, and the United States.

There are many more disc dog competitions across the globe. There’s the international Flying Disc Dog Open, Purina’s Incredible Dog Challenge, and Skyhoundz World Championship Series, to name a few.

“Disc Dog” is a sport of little requirement. All you need is a flying disc, a level-playing field, and a dog. You also might want to add a touch of creativity to the list, if you’re thinking about participating in a freestyle competition.

What do you think of “Disc Dog”? Are you going to start training for the next competition? Share your thoughts in a comment.