Clean Up

Dog Game - Clean UpClean up is all at once a

  1. Useful trick.
  2. Great mental challenge for your dog.
  3. A fun game with some variation.

For this game, your dog needs a dedicated toy basket or bin.

Start by spreading her toys around one room.

Show her one of her favorite toys and encourage her to go with  you to her toy basket.

Hand your dog the toy and encourage her to hold it in her mouth. Holding a treat in your hand, lure your dog over the basket, then offer the treat. She will drop the toy into the basket. As she does so tell her the command “Clean Up”.

Practice using just one toy a couple of times a day until she’s learned to Clean Up her favorite. When she gets the hang of this,  you can increase the number of toys she picks up by giving her a treat only with every second toy dropped into the basket.

Add speed to make this a more fast paced fun game. You can run and drop toys and run with your dog when training her in order to to encourage speed.

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