Combat Crawling

Combat crawling can be a fun a new trick to teach. It is something that takes little space and can be easily done inside or out.

Have you seen a war movie or a program about military training where the soldiers crawl on their bellies under barbed wire? Well, that is the essence of the game.

Dog CrawlIt helps if your dog is good at the “Down” command. This command is a very handy behavior which you will come to rely on in many situations. It teaches the dog impulse control, something very handy for getting keeping your dog under control or getting her to stay in one place for a prolonged period of time.

Even if your dog is not trained yet on “Down” (which I highly recommend), you can still give the game a try.

You’ll need:

  • A low table. A coffee table or a low stool works well. Or create you own low obstacle by laying a board across two overturned buckets of something around the height of a bucket.
  • Treats. Try these delicious and healthy homemade treats!

Put your dog on one side of the table and you go on the other. Hold a treat under table close enough to your dog so that he knows it’s there. But don’t let him get the treat right away. When he comes for it, bring the treat slowly towards you so you dog has to stretch under the table a little to get it. We are not trying to make the dog crawl under the table yet, but we want to encourage him and give him an idea of what you are trying to get him to do. 

Reward when your dog with the treat when he does get over to it.

You don’t need to work on it long, but if you do it most days your dog will catch on quickly. As you train him on this trick, start to add a verbal command to it, so he will associate that command with the act. “Combat crawl!” works, but you can use your own. 

Start pulling the treat closer and closer to you when you practice until eventually the dog is crawling all the way under the table. 

Eventually, you want to get to the point where your dog will perform the command without a table.

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