Go Crazy – Be Still

This is a great dog game I’ve seen others play and seen online.

The basics, you start moving wildly, dancing crazy and just acting excited until your dog starts going crazy too. After a minute or two of crazy, just stop. And ask your dog to sit or lay or other stop command you may already be using. After he or she is calm,

all of a sudden, start dancing or moving again until your dog joins in. Then freeze again. Every other time you freeze, you might want to give him or her a treat.

Play With Your Dog

Take your dog’s personality into consideration and make this game your own. Change up how long your wild time/still time is if your dog can anticipate when you will stop and start. If you have a very excitable dog, you might slower with the “wilding”. Or change it to a form of “Red Light Green Light” where you just have your dog walk then stop when you yell freeze. If you have kids, by all means, get them in on any version of this game–they will have fun too!

Now, because this is a high-energy game, it is very important to end the game properly. Use the same phrase every time, like “Game’s done!”then go do something completely different away from the game space. This helps you resist your dog’s attempts to restart the game. You want your dog to understand that when the game is done, it is done, so he or she won’t keep nagging you into playing.

Crazy/Still is not only fun, but this is the type of dog game that can really help you train or reinforce commands with your dog. Make sure you pick the one command when you want your dog to freeze or stop and that it means one thing. For instance, if your dog already knows to “sit”, then if you want him to use the command “stop”, he should be still but standing or something different than sit. You don’t want to confuse your dog with different commands that mean the same thing. This dog game will also help to teach your dog self-control as they learn to listen to commands and your body language even though they are  excited.

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