Dog Exercise Limbo GameDog Limbo

This is more of a trick than a game, but the nice thing about this is that it encourages your dog’s flexibility and stretching.

Place two chairs close to each other, but far enough apart
that your dog can walk easily between them. Take a pole (like a broom handle) and place it across two chairs. Using a command or a treat, have your dog walk under the pole to the other side.

When your dog gets used to want you want, you can hold the pole yourself. Now hold the pole a little lower to the ground than it was when on the chairs. Have your dog walk under the lowered pole. Lower the pole a little more and a little more over time (not in the same session), but never too low where your dog is straining.

This is a good stretching exercise for your dog’s shoulder, back and hip muscles, but without having to make him stand still for stretches. At the end of the session or at the end of the day, massage your dog’s muscles for faster recovery and  muscle building.

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