Find It

A super easy game to play with your dog is “Find It”.  As you and your dog develop rules for the game, you will find it’s a good basis for other games like Fetch.
Dog Game - Find It

  1. Show your dog a small piece of treat.
  2. Say “Find it!” and toss the food on the ground.
  3. If your dog doesn’t get the idea of looking for food outside the bowl, start by dropping the treat right in front of her.
  4. The next time toss the treat farther and farther away.

Dogs love games and food. You could use dry kibble instead of treats and feed your dog dinner this way.

Add more challenges to the game:

  1. Make your dog stay after you throw the treat, then let her loose.
  2. Make your dog stay while you hide the treat.
  3. Playing the game outside in the grass, which will make the treat harder to spot, forcing your dog to use her sense of smell to work for it.

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